Active Directory & LDAP Test Server

Free test server for testing and development purposes

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How to test against Active Directory and LDAP

This is hosted on Microsoft Azure inside a small VM.

The server is operated and maintained by Documize

Connection Details

Use the following LDAP connection details:

ServerHost:               ""
ServerPort:               389
BaseDN:                   "DC=mycompany,DC=local"
BindDN:                   "CN=Mr Manager,CN=Users,DC=mycompany,DC=local"
BindPassword:             "Pass@word1!"

The following examples filters canbe used to retrieve users and groups.

UserFilter:               "(|(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(objectClass=inetOrgPerson))",
GroupFilter:              "(|(cn=Accounting)(cn=IT))",

That’s it!


Need a GUI to browse the AD/LDAP server? Use Apache Directory Studio to validate your connection.

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